The Media Cofferdam Around Obama's Biography is Leaking

The real significance of the Breitbart revelation that Obama's literary agency promoted him as a Kenya-born author in 1991 is that it demonstrates that up-and-comer Barack Obama was going around until at least 2004 claiming Kenyan birth as a way to make his biography more exotic and appealing.  There is no plausible explanation of how the literary agency came to believe Obama was born in Kenya, other than that Obama told that to his agency. They could not make a mistake "fact checking" without an initial fact to check. Only Obama could have supplied such information. Mainstream media bigwigs write books, have literary agents, and are very familiar with the process by which promotional materials are put together. They know Obama gave his agent this information.  The point isn't that Obama was born in Kenya, the point is that he made up stuff about his background and peddled the lie for career advantage. Just like Elizabeth Warren. How long will it take for the mainstream...(Read Full Post)