That was no Biden gaffe

Poppycock, I say, to all the tortured-analysis baloney about Obama's "evolution" and statement on so-called "gay marriage," and on Biden's "slip."  This is really, really simple.  Let's start with what we know for sure.  (1)  Barack Obama has always been itching to "come out" for so-called "gay marriage;" (2) Chicago pols in the psy-ops age play dirtier pool than ever; (3) Joe Biden is an idiot.   No one "forced Obama's hand," least of all Delaware Joe.  (See link from the dutiful Politico here.)  The only thing Joe has less of than smarts is initiative.  Obama was only looking for an opportunity to manufacture a crisis not to waste.  Try this scenario on for size:   Obama needs and has wanted to get Biden off the ticket for a long time.  Biden was ordered to go out and say something stupid:  just another day there.  In this case, it concerned Obama's support for this issue, spoken as though it were Biden's latest grave...(Read Full Post)