Team Obama Soils Wausau, WI - Mayberry, USA

Recently, I was back in Wisconsin with The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama.  I had never heard of Wausau, Wisconsin until my visit to challenge Team Obama's recall of Gov. Scott Walker. Downtown Wausau is extremely charming.  Folks, I am talking Mayberry, USA.  My first night in Wausau, a high school orchestra performed a concert on the beautiful stage in the picturesque town square.  Streets are clean and lined with friendly, quaint shops.  I kept an eye out for Andy, Aunt Bee, Barney, and Opie. The hotel shuttle driver told me I could not leave town without trying pan-fried Walleye.  Though I was unfamiliar with the fish, the local's passion inspired me to give Walleye a try.  It was awesome. I had the honor of meeting former Senator Walter Chilsen, who praised Gov. Walker's budget reforms.  Senator Chilsen graced me with a little history, explaining how back in the day, Wisconsin had several millionaires because of the lumber industry....(Read Full Post)