Switcheroo in Greek election; bail out party regains the lead in polls

"The prospect of being hanged focuses the mind wonderfully," said the man who compiled the first English language dictionary Samuel Johnson. And it appears that Greek voters have taken Johnson's words to heart. Reuters: Greek voters are returning to the establishment parties that negotiated its bailout, a poll showed on Thursday, offering potential salvation for European leaders who say a snap Greek election next month will decide whether it must quit the euro. The poll, the first conducted since talks to form a government collapsed and a new election was called for June 17, showed the conservative New Democracy party in first place, several points ahead of the radical leftist SYRIZA which has pledged to tear up the bailout. EU leaders say that without the bailout, Greece would be headed for certain bankruptcy and ejection from the common currency, which would sow financial destruction across the continent. The prospect SYRIZA would win the election has sent the euro and...(Read Full Post)