Suffolk Study: Walker collective bargaining bill saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $1 billion

Scott Walker's campaign to avoid a recall on June 5 will receive a boost this week when a study performed by the Institute of Public Policy Research at Suffolk University is released showing that Walker's signature legislation reforming union collective bargaining will save state taxpayers more than a billion dollars. Wisconsin Reporter: Act 10, which curbed collective bargaining for most unionized public employees, in the whole has saved taxpayers more than $1 billion, according to The Economic Impacts of the Wisconsin Budget Repair Act. The study is slated for release this week by Beacon Hill Institute, a prominent free market think tank. What the analysis found is that without the law, which in part requires covered public employees to contribute more to their benefits and holds wage increases to the rate of inflation, Badger State governments would have been forced to raise taxes or make deep job cuts to meet budget expenses. As it was, Gov. Scott Walker and the...(Read Full Post)