Stupid media tricks produce poll favoring Obama

Polls, the mainstay of news reporting these days, are rapidly losing their luster as many mainstream media outlets not only sponsor these polls but skew them in a variety of ways in order to create news and assist their favored candidate.  The only time the pollsters who are retained by these media outlets are concerned about their reputations are within a few weeks of an election when they use much better methodology to predict the outcome. Today the Washington Post is all but dancing in the street about the result of their recent poll showing Obama leading Romney by 2 points overall and tied with Romney relative to whom the people trust to handle the economy.  However as Mike Flynn at points out it took some heavy lifting with the numbers to get Obama up that high: Specifically, The Post poll assumes a collapse in GOP turnout.  The partisan breakdown of the poll is D-32, R-22, I-38.  In other words, only 22% of the voters sampled were...(Read Full Post)