Spiking the underwear bomb plot bust

The Obama administration is harming national security in order to benefit politically.  It is a wonderful thing that Saudi intelligence and the CIA were able to infiltrate a double agent into Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, but it is terrible that AQAP now knows that they have been penetrated, just because the administration couldn't resist crowing about the victory. Having bungled the "reset" with Russia and promised post-election flexibility, having lost Egypt and Tunisia, having dithered while Iran builds its nuclear arsenal and ignored the green movement which might have toppled the mullahs, Obama needs something beyond Osama bin Laden's death to celebrate in his foreign policy. And he needs to brag about foreign policy because his economic policies have been such a disaster. Andrew Malcolm of IBD sums up the problem: All of the administration's brass had, we now know, previously agreed to stay mum post-mission. But the next morning, a Monday, Obama's White House...(Read Full Post)