Some Saturday electoral musings

These random thoughts are brought to you by Charlie Cook - long time Democratic pollster. Cook draws some interesting conclusions based on the most recent NBC/WSJ poll, comparing it to past polls, and believes we are headed for a barnburner of an election in November at every level: Not much in the just-released NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conflicts with the story line that we're going to see a lot of close races this fall. Democratic pollster Peter Hart and Republican poll-taker Bill McInturff found that 48 percent of the 1,000 American adults interviewed (including a subsample of cell-phone users) approve of the job that President Obama has done. This percentage is 2 points short of the 50 percent approval rating that would signal he is a favorite for reelection. A rating below 46 percent suggests that a president is toast. Obama is right in the middle--in the 47 percent to 49 percent zone--suggesting an equal chance of winning or losing. One source of good news for...(Read Full Post)