Sharia Supremacists Take First and Third Place in Egypt's Presidential Elections

Andrew G. Bostom
Reports from the NY Times and Reuters confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood's late entry  "replacement" candidate, Mohammed Morsi, and a rival Muslim Brotherhood member candidate, Aboul Fotouh, garnered first and third place, 25% and 20% of the vote tally, respectively, during the first round of voting in the Egyptian Presidential elections. Second place went to another late entry in the contest.  Ahmed Shafik, a former Air Force general who briefly served as Mr. Mubarak's last prime minister, and received 23% of the vote. Morsi and Shafik will face each other in a final run-off election on June 16th and 17th Touting himself as the most "authentic" Sharia supremacist in the race, Mohammed Morsi, an American-educated engineer, and the leading vote getter in this initial round, re-affirmed  his firm commitment to implementing Islamic law in Egypt, consistent with full re-Islamization designs of the Muslim Brotherhood's 80 pp. manifesto, the "renaissance project." According...(Read Full Post)