Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator

I have been a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen. His Borat (2006) really pushed the boundaries on immigration humor.  The lead immigrant character, Borat, was extremely unorthodox, from our vantage point; he made out with his prostitute sister and was strongly anti-Semitic.  This humorous look at cultural diversity, was cutting edge enough that it made us confront the reality that diversity includes some nasty habits.  In a way we could laugh at, Borat forced us to confront ourselves. Bruno (2009) likewise took us on a serious and boundary-pushing explorations. Cohen's over-the-top character was so over-the-top with gayness that gays looked bad. But the real target seemed to be the closed nature of the straight world and likely, thus, the movie-goers themselves.  At one point he had his character make out with another man in an ultimate fighting cage. The audience anger and violence brutally exposed the intersection of masculinity and homophobia.  So it was with...(Read Full Post)