Really Missing the Point on 'Hudna'

Abu Marzouk, a key figure of the Hamas politburo, had never spoken with a representa­tive of a Jewish publication before he responded positively in April to a request for an interview by the left-leaning American Jewish daily the Forward. For the five-and a-half-hour interview, conducted in English over a period of two days, Cohler-Esses traveled to a suburb of Cairo, where Marzouk has made his home since Hamas vacated its Damascus headquarters.  There were no preconditions set on the interview, and a well-prepared Cohler-Esses asked hard-hitting questions.  In the end, the Forward, in an editorial, expressed serious doubts about Hamas readiness to be "a partner for peace." With this said, however, there is one major point made by Marzouk that requires a closer examination: Hamas, he said, would not agree to a final peace treaty with Israel. "When we reach the agreement, our point of view is, it's a hudna. Let's establish a relationship between the two states in the...(Read Full Post)