Re-vetting wars: Obama's girlfriends speak

One of the foremost concerns of the Obama re-election effort is the promised re-vetting of Obama, playing off the widespread perception that the media utterly failed to investigate the reality beneath the highly manufactured identity peddled in 2008.  Thus, there is a need to preemptively define the process, creating a safer version  of re-vetting than the Breitbart-is-here blogosphere threatens. The release of information about a couple of "real" girlfriends of Barack Obama in a Vanity Fair excerpt from a new biography of Obama by WaPo journalist David Maraniss fits this template. Somehow, Maraniss discovered the identities of, and obtained the cooperation of two women who state that they dated Obama, Geneieve Cook and Alex McNear, who even provided excerpts from love letters.  I wonder if anyone helped him find these two women, because they have been hidden all these years. Quite naturally, there has been a huge controversy, one which is being argued on terms highly...(Read Full Post)