Opposition boycotts parliamentary vote in Syria

While fightings still rages in many cities and towns across Syria, the government is going ahead with a sham vote for parliament desipte the opposition declining to take part. Reuters: The authorities say they are fighting what they call foreign backed terrorists in Deir al-Zor and across the country who are bent on sabotaging what state media describe as a comprehensive reform program being led by Assad that is more advanced than in Western democracies. The authorities are touting Monday's parliamentary election as a showcase of these reforms. However, the opposition says it will change little in a rubberstamp assembly that has been chosen by the ruling Assad family, backed by the powerful secret police, for the past four decades. The assembly currently does not have a single opposition member and official media said half the seats would be reserved to "representatives of workers and peasants", whose unions are controlled by Assad's Baath Party. "Nothing has changed. Syria's...(Read Full Post)