'Obama's views on distractions have evolved too'

That's the headline of an excellent IDB editorial that points out candidate Obama's complaints about "distractions" in 2008 that kept the conversation off the economy. Remember how candidate Barack Obama complained in 2008 that any discussion not involving the economy was a "distraction"? This time, his entire campaign is built on distracting voters from the economy. During his 2008 campaign, one of Obama's favorite words was "distraction." He constantly plugged it into his speeches and interviews to dismiss any controversy that might have erupted, or an issue he didn't particularly want to talk about. Questions about how Obama could have sat in the pews and listened to Rev. Wright's anti-American, race-baiting screeds for years? Distraction. Questions about his relationship with radical Bill Ayers? Distraction. Questions about his qualifications to be president? Distraction. Typically, Obama would follow up by talking about how we need to focus instead on "the real...(Read Full Post)