Obama's 'gutsy' call not so gutsy

"Suppose [the SEAL team had] been captured or killed. The downside would have been horrible for [Obama]. But he reasoned: I cannot in good conscience do nothing." This, according to the latest Obama campaign ad, is why it was such a "gutsy call" for Obama to have ordered the raid on Bin Laden.  Besides the fact that this counterfactual argument is completely groundless (a point that I will get to in a moment), it's pretty telling that the administration's primary concern over the possibility of failed mission was the president's own political fortune, and not the lives of the Navy SEALS and their families.  And while this is hardly surprising, you would think the administration would be a little more tactful then to keep reminding everyone of this.  Yes, Mr. President, we are fully aware you were worried that the death or capture of members of the SEAL team would have been horrible for you. This leads me to the second point.  It's simply absurd to assert that...(Read Full Post)