Obama Was Born in Hawaii Before He Was Born in Kenya

Thomas Lifson has already made the definitive statement (here) as to the absurdity of the claim that a literary agent's brochure listed Barack Obama's birthplace as Kenya -- for sixteen years -- due to a "fact checking error" by bio editor Miriam Goderich.  And it has been widely noted by those with far more experience in the publishing industry than I that such an author's biography would never be written without the involvement of the author or his official representative at some stage of the process. Yet there is another peculiarity about this mysterious Kenyan birth "mistake" that seems worthy of notice.  The brochure in question first appeared in 1991. At this time, Obama was merely a prospective author.  He had not yet written a book, and, as is well known, he had never published any academic work or articles of note. His only real claim to significance, at that time, was his being the president of the Harvard Law Review.  And this accomplishment, in fact,...(Read Full Post)