Obama Only Says He Shoved A Little Girl

In an amusingly appropriate response to the Washington Post's breathless revelation that Mitt Romney hazed a classmate while in high school, John Nolte of Big Hollywood fired back with, "DOES WAPO KNOW OBAMA SHOVED A LITTLE GIRL?" But did he really?  The story that Nolte cites from Obama's 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, is no more believable than anything else in that fanciful tome. In Dreams, Obama reflects on his own first days as a 10-year-old at his Hawaiian prep school, a transition complicated by the presence of "Coretta," the only other black student in the class.  When the other students accuse Obama of having a girlfriend, Obama shoves Coretta and insists that she leave him alone.  Although "his act of betrayal" buys him a reprieve from the other students, Obama understands that he "had been tested and found wanting." Like virtually all the racial melodramas in Dreams, this one smacks of willful contrivance.  Like many of them, this one bubbles up...(Read Full Post)