Obama May Lose To A Grass-Roots Operation Chaos In Texas

Don't look now, but President Obama could actually lose his party's nomination contest in this week's Democratic primary contest in Texas.  Probably not to any one of the three candidates opposing him, but he could still get less than 50% of the Democrat votes in the Texas Democratic primary.  That would be pretty embarrassing.  Almost a "no confidence" vote among Democrats. Embarrassment is really all that is at stake.  President Obama locked up the Democratic nomination for president weeks ago.  Now the primary votes are an occasion for protest votes against President Obama and his policies. And things are starting to look pretty ugly.  On May 9, 41% of voters in the West Virginia Democratic primary voted for an inmate in a federal prison over Barack Obama.  "They voted out of frustration," the gaff-prone Vice President Joe Biden explained.  No kidding!  With the official unemployment rate still above 8% two years after a recovery...(Read Full Post)