Obama and Warren, the fabulists

Mark Steyn did a great job tying together this week's revelations about twin fabulists Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama.  I find his conclusion particularly intriguing.  Like Gatsby presiding over his wild, lavish parties, Obama is aloof and remote: Let everyone else rave deliriously; he just has to be. He is in his way the apotheosis of the Age of American Incredibility. When just being who you are anyway is an incredible accomplishment, Obama managed to run and win on biography almost entirely unmoored from life.  But then, like Gatsby, he knew a thing or two about "the unreality of reality." I wonder. When Steyn was thinking about how much Obama resembles Jay Gatsby was he aware that a search on the phrase "unreality of reality" generates numerous links to critiques of reality TV?  In a world in which ditzy wannabes from New Jersey, commercial fisherman, housewives with more money than brains, chefs,  gunsmiths, loggers, hair stylists etc. etc. etc. all...(Read Full Post)