NY Times still can't get it right on Gaza fatalities in Operation Cast Lead

In its May 3 edition, the New York Times revisits  fatalities in Operation Cast Lead, Israel's counter-offensive against Hamas at the end of 2008 ("Israel Military Closes Inquiry into Deaths of Gaza Civilians" by Isabel Kershner, page A11). Writing about an IDF probe of collateral fatalities. which found that Israeli troops didn't deliberately attack civilians, Kershner reports that "up to 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed" during the three-week war. There are at least two problems with Kershner's formulation of Palestinian fatalities. First, Israel - after exhaustive earlier investigations - put the number of Palestinians fatalities at 1,166.  Kershner provides no attribution or evidence for her inflated total. Second, by lumping together terrorist and civilian fatalities, Kershner leaves readers with an erroneous impression that Israel killed more than 1,000 civilians.  Not so.  An IDF breakdown shows this definitely wasn't the case -  a...(Read Full Post)