NY Times fronts for Palestinian terrorists in Israeli detention

The New York Times has discovered a new breed of Palestinian heroes:  "gaunt adults, wrists in chains, starving themselves inside Israeli prisons." In a lengthy, 26-paragraph article spread across two pages in the front section of the May 4 edition, the Times describes hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners and their outside supporters as a critical new tactic for the Palestinian national movement -- "non-violent resistance as a potential catalyst to bring an Arab Spring-style uprising to the West Bank"  ("Palestinians Go Hungry To Make Their Voices Heard -- Nonviolent Tactic Spreads in Prisons" by Jodi Rudoren, pages A4 and A12) But what exactly are the prisoners and their backers complaining about?  Are they being tortured?  No.  Are they subject to enhanced interrogation tactics?  No.  Their demands are for "improved prison conditions."  The more detailed answer, hidden in the 17th paragraph on the jump page, is that they are protesting...(Read Full Post)