'NATO 3' plotted to firebomb Obama campaign headquarters

I know that yesterday, I questioned the motives of Chicago police in arresting 3 anti-NATO activists in Chicago for domestic terrorism. I need to apologize for my error. What prosecutors unveiled in court yesterday during the suspect's arraignment seems concrete and believable. Sun Times: Undercover Chicago Police officers who infiltrated the group were with the suspects when they allegedly made Molotov cocktails -- bottles filled with flammable liquid that are used as firebombs, sources said. After raiding the apartment Wednesday, police said they found written plans for assembling pipe bombs and confiscated a mortar gun, swords, a crossbow, a throwing star, ninja knives and blades with brass knuckles, too. Law enforcement officials said they asked a judge for a "no-knock" search warrant because the protesters were getting ready to put the explosive devices into a car and move them to another location. Police feared they might lose track of the weapons and firebombs if...(Read Full Post)