National Dems tiptoe away from Walker recall race

National Democrats - Obama included - are acting as if Wisconsin is on another planet these days. "Recall? What Recall?" they're telling their union friends who are livid that the national party has failed to support their increasingily quixotic effort to unseat Scott Walker on June 5. The Hill: Top union officials are lashing out at Washington Democrats, claiming they haven't done enough to help them unseat Gov. Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin's recall election. President Obama has been silent on the race since his campaign released a statement endorsing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) immediately after his primary victory two weeks ago. The Obama campaign is helping Barrett with get out the vote operations, but the president has not publicly mentioned the race. The Democratic National Committee has been similarly tight-fisted. The DNC sent out a fundraising email for Barrett and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) will be in Wisconsin for a fundraiser next week,...(Read Full Post)