Murder of Students in Syria sparks huge protests

President Assad's forces fired live ammunition into a crowd of tens of thousands of protestors in the key city of Aleppo on Friday as citizens, enraged at the government's murder of 4 students during a crackdown at the local university, flooded the streets following Friday prayers. Casualties are unknown at this writing, but 25 other Syrians were killed in violence across the country on Friday. Fox News: An Aleppo-based activist said the protests were the largest since the start of the uprising against President Bashar Assad in March 2011. There was no immediate word of casualties. "The people are incensed by what happened at the university," said the activist, Mohammed Saeed. "Everyone wants to express solidarity with those students." Saeed said security forces were out in full force, firing live ammunition to disperse protesters and arresting people randomly. "With our blood, we sacrifice for you students!" people shouted. The raid at Aleppo University was an unusually violent...(Read Full Post)