Michael Scheuer Peddling Nonsense

Listeners to Chicago's WLS Tuesday morning might have been shocked by comments from 22 year CIA veteran Michael Scheuer, had they not followed his sycophantic ramblings as a Ron Paul acolyte.  Discarding analysis for cant, he insisted on at least two erroneous positions:  that Islamist hatred of the US is due to our own actions; and that "the Israel lobby controls politics." When WLS's Don Wade asked Scheuer what actions of ours he was referring to, he cited two: "unqualified" support for Israel and support for the "Saudi police state."  His gratuitous modifiers made it clear that this was anything but unbiased analysis.  Say what you will about Saudi Arabia, one thing it is not is a "police state."  A theocracy, yes; guilty of egregious human rights violations, yes again; but a police state, no.  Further evidence that he long ago exchanged his CIA professionalism for Paulite propaganda, Sheuer's comments simplistically assumed that the Muslim world is...(Read Full Post)