Melinda Gates Compares Herself to 'Great Catholic Scholars'

Hubris has no bounds. In a recent TEDx conference in Berlin, Melinda Gates, philanthropist and wife of Bill, issued her position on artificial contraception which directly opposes Catholic doctrine. She spends billions of dollars on family planning programs in developing countries, yet sees "no controversy" with this public activity and the rules of the church to which she states she belongs. "Condoms save lives," she says. The self-described practicing Catholic also says: "in the tradition of the great Catholic scholars," it is "important to question received teachings," in particular "the one saying that birth control is a sin." The church doesn't say an individual can't question its teachings; but it hasn't wavered on the birth control issue in 2000 years. What are the chances that Melinda Gates has more wisdom than all the apostles, popes and theologians combined? What is her intention? On the one hand she says she wants to save lives, on the other she wants to prevent them from...(Read Full Post)