Media Matters Unhappy with AT Report on Situation Room Photo

The Soros-funded website run by the eccentric David Brock featured American Thinker's article yesterday on the illusion of presidential leadership in the Bin Laden raid.  Unable to actually engage the detailed analysis offered in the article, Media Matters chose to highlight an anomaly the article considered and explained was not likely to be significant. Accusing AT of making an accusation we didn't actually make. That's par for the course with this propaganda exercise which pays lavish six figure salaries to its senior staff, including Brock, who reportedly has bodyguards provided by his employer. While Media Matters has readers in the MSNBC newsroom, it doesn't seem to have that many readers among the general public, based on the number of views the article got from the link provided by Media Matters. The numbers are well below what a link in  a major site would generate (only 600-some yesterday, fewer than 200 so far today).  This is the sort of total that a...(Read Full Post)