Mass Dems are stuck with Elizabeth Warren

Mitt Romney just got the best political news he's had from Massachusetts since he won the governorship in 2002.  Elizabeth Warren, the poster girl for biographical fabulists, will stay as the Democratic nominee for Senate, twisting in the wind as the implications of her adoption of an identity as a Native American for career advancement sink in.  She has become an  object of widespread mockery, doing herself no good with her use of "family lore" as her documentation, and unable to dig her way out of the hole she finds herself in. Because there is a severe media taboo (extending even to Fox News Channel) against mention of Barack Obama's use of a Kenyan birth as a fraudulent marketing ploy to enhance the value of his planned book, Warren will do nicely as a proxy.  Her lily white skin, haughty manner, and implausible claim to victimhood prevent her from being off limits.  She will have a secondary impact on Obama by making it plain that a close ally of the...(Read Full Post)