Last gasp effort in Greece to form a government

The radical socialist Alexis Tsipras tried and failed to form a government following elections last weekend. Then it was the turn of the center right candidate and Prime Minister of the coalition government Antonis Samaras. He, too failed in his bid to attract enough coalition partners to govern. The last hope to avoid an election next month - which might see Tsipras win outright control of the government - is socialist leader and member of the Samaras coalition Evangelos Venizelo. If he can't manage to cobble a government together, it means there is a distinct possibility that Greece will exit the euro and face bankruptcy. Reuters: Venizelos is the third and last political leader to attempt to form a government after Sunday's election, which left pro- and anti-bailout forces balanced almost equally. Venizelos acknowledged he only had a slim chance in remarks to his parliamentary group, reduced to about a quarter of its former strength by elections in which voters punished his...(Read Full Post)