It's nice to be a Democrat and get away with uttering racist comments

Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren on her designation as a "native American" during her years at Harvard. "My grandfather had high cheekbones 'like all the Indians do'" she told a local reporter Speaking to a reporter on a local news station in Boston, Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts cited her ancestor's "high cheekbones" (quoting an aunt) as evidence of her Native American heritage. Earlier today, the Harvard law professor explained that she listed herself as "Native American" on school directories in the past so she could meet others "who are like I am." Genealogists have been unable to verify that Warren is descended from Native Americans, despite her claims. And I'm sure just like all Indians, Ms. Warren can't hold her liquor, wears a feather headdress, and says "How" instead of "good morning." If a Republican had said that...   (Read Full Post)