Iran's Photoshoped missile test picture busted

If you are going to try to intimidate people with fake photos of your missile arsenal, it is a good idea to carefully remove all traces of the origins of your propaganda shots. Unfortunately for Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency, the dumb schmuck who grabbed a scene from a Star Wars movie showing lots of missiles flying away from launch forgot to remove Jar Jar Binks from the bottom of the picture. Of course, Star Wars is haram (unclean, forbidden)in the view of the mullahs, so Iranians are not so familiar with the characters from the number one fantasy world in the rest of the globe. John Hudson of The Atlantic Wire has the story: Remember back in 2008, when Iran Photoshopped an extra missile into a photograph of its missile test? Turns out, bad habits die hard. The Atlantic Wire has caught Iran's semi-official Mehrs News Agency (MNA) using another digitally-altered image to depict its missile program. Only this time, the image is even...(Read Full Post)