Imam Feisal's Taqiyyah Performance

Congratulations have to go to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, better known as the Ground Zero Imam, for his splendid performance on Sean Hannity's May 23 evening interview.  Whether Hannity knew it or not, Imam Feisal used his audience to deliver a well-thought out 'taqiyyah' act where he apologizes profusely, as a "moderate" Muslim, for his various "insensitive" remarks about Americans being accessories to 9/11, their role in spilling more blood than Al Queda, and for not condemning Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist groups. Hannity seemed to be really taken aback, actually disarmed by the Imam's confession of regret. After all, Hannity has been on the case of this Imam since the controversy of the Park51 (originally Cordoba House) mosque project near Ground Zero. Hannity even praised him for having the courage to come on his show.   No one on the Imam's team doubted that Hannity would be confrontational and the Imam was ready to play right into it....(Read Full Post)