Hatch: Law of the Sea Treaty will sink the economy

This Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) has got to be stopped if what Senator Orrin Hatch says about it is true. Fox News: The treaty that Reagan refused to sign in 1982 is reappearing once again in the Senate.  The truth is, LOST contains numerous provisions that hurt the U.S. economy at a time when we need more jobs - not fewer.   Under the guise of being for "the good of mankind, " LOST would obligate the United States to share information and technology in what amounts to global taxes and technology transfer requirements that are really nothing more than an attempt to redistribute U.S. wealth to the Third World. At the center of these taxes and transfers is the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a Kingston, Jamaica based supra-national governing body established by the treaty for the purpose of redistributing cash and technology from the "developed world" to the "developing world." Ceding authority to the ISA would mean that the sovereignty currently held by...(Read Full Post)