Graph for the Day for May 5, 2012

"Well, I do think that the car is on level ground.  I mean, the car is the economy.  And I think we are past the crisis point in the economy, but we now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth." President Obama, December 2010. "So if you agree with me, then I need all of you -- I see a lot of cell phones here and a lot of -- (laughter) -- all kinds of stuff -- (laughter) -- I want you to send a message to Congress.  Tell them, 'don't double my rate.'  You should - 'don't double my rate.'  You should call them, you should e-mail them, write on their Facebook page, tweet them.  (Applause.)  Teach your parents how to tweet.  (Laughter.)  And use the hashtag #dontdoublemyrate.  Don't double my rate.  Don't double it.  (Applause.)" President Obama, May 4, 2012.   Source: US Dept. of Labor, via St. Louis Fed/FRED. Hoven's Index for May 5, 2012 Average weeks unemployed, in April 2012: 42 (highest ever recorded) Same...(Read Full Post)