Gallup: 6 in 10 say Obama's gay marriage stance won't change their vote

That leaves 40% where it might. And of that 40%, more say it will make them less likely to vote for the president than more likely. A majority of Americans, 60%, say President Barack Obama's newly announced support for same-sex marriage will make no difference to their vote. Twice as many say it will make them less likely to vote for Obama as say more likely, though roughly half of the "less likely" group are Republicans who probably would not support Obama anyway. The results are based on a May 10 USA Today/Gallup poll conducted in response to Obama's May 9 announcement that he supports legalizing gay marriage. Obama is the first president to publicly support gay marriage while in office. The poll finds 51% of Americans approving of his position, essentially matching the 50% of Americans who support gay marriage in general, and similar to his 49% overall job approval rating. [...] Thus, a key to assessing how the change in Obama's view of same-sex marriage will affect his...(Read Full Post)