Feds jumped the gun in BP Engineer's arrest

The government's desperate effort to collect outsized environmental fines as a result of the BP oil spill took a major blow when former BP drilling engineer Kurt Mix finally got his day in court Monday May14th. He is still the only person to have been arrested as a result of the BP oil spill. The complaint against him was that he recently deleted 300 text messages from his phone relating to the oil flow rate during the top kill operation in late May 2010. He was charged with an obstruction of justice charge despite not being involved in the fatal accident itself, only the source control efforts afterward. Politicians of both parties have been planning to do what they all love to do best, spend other people's money using the fines collected from BP as the source. The widely publicized expectation is that they would eventually have about $20 billion in fines to split amongst themselves, based on the official government estimate of a total flow of 5 million barrels and a fine of $4,300...(Read Full Post)