Fallujah on the high seas?

In 2004, armed security contractors working in Iraq were ambushed. Their bodies were brutally desecrated and hung from a bridge. This incident became known as the Fallujah incident. All the operators I know swore to themselves, "never again." Never again will any operator allow such a horrific incident like what occurred on March 31st 2004 take place. Blackwater operatives along with the majority of defense contractors and many military special operators bonded together making an unofficial pact. Politicians, soon after the infamous "bridge hanging," quickly criticized Blackwater as Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman identified the company as "unprepared and disorderly." The relentless criticism against Blackwater continued in 2007 as a security detail protecting a State Department official came under attack. Blackwater operatives killed 11 Iraqis and wounded 12 others. The dignitary being protected by Blackwater operatives was unharmed. Because of these initial incidents, many American...(Read Full Post)