Eric Holder Integrates Church and State in Anti-Voter ID Pushback

In yet another example of Eric Holder gone wild, the top law enforcement officer in the nation will join members of the Congressional Black Caucus, IRS officials, ACLU attorneys and clergy from the Council of National Black Churches "to discuss ideas to combat the wave of new voter ID laws existing around the country." Can anyone imagine a Republican Attorney General of the United States counseling white churches on voting rights? CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) said the May 30 summit will advise hundreds of pastors from nine different denominations on the best way to educate their parishioners on the new rules.  We will have attorneys there who are well-equipped to provide the guidance to the clergy members. They will understand, before they leave, about some of the new laws in certain states designed - as we interpret them - to reduce the turnout. The day is over when they could just stand in the pulpit and say 'Go vote. It's your duty.' They've got to now...(Read Full Post)