EPA official resigns over 'crucify' comment

Al Armendariz, the EPA official who compared enforcement of EPA policies with terror tactics used by Romans has resigned. Read this statement carefully and you'll see this guy doesn't get it - and neither does his boss. Fox News: "As I have expressed publicly, and to you directly, I regret comments I made several years ago that do not in any way reflect my work as regional administrator. As importantly, they do not represent the work you have overseen as EPA administrator," he wrote. "I take great pride in having built a career based on integrity and hard work. These are the principles that guide me personally as well. While I feel there is much work that remains to be done for the people of this country in the region that I serve, after a  great deal of thought and careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my continued service will distract you and the agency from its important work." Yes indeed, those comments reflect on your work as a regional...(Read Full Post)