England won't have 'Red Ken' Livingstone to kick around anymore

Ken Livingstone, the former socialist mayor of London who lost his bid to take back control of the city on Saturday, said to a crowd of supporters that he's done running for elective office. Telegraph: Unlike his rival, who decided to portray Boris (Johnson, incumbent mayor) as an alien, replete with blue face and deeley boppers. Ken Livingstone has had a wretched campaign. Tax avoidance, anti-Jewish slurs and tears at his own campaign script are not a fitting legacy for a man who at the height of his powers was skilfully and aggressively wielding a larger popular mandate  than any Labour politician in the land. But in the short term at least, that's what his legacy will be. At the start of last week, senior Labour officials informed Ed Miliband that Livingstone would lose, and began a subtle but concerted effort to distance themselves from their candidate. Tom Watson's "hold your nose" comment wasn't quite the gaffe it was made out to be. Labour insiders also concede...(Read Full Post)