Elizabeth Warren's punchline problem

The awful truth is dawning on many Democrats, possibly including Elizabeth Warren herself: her candidacy for "Teddy Kennedy's seat" has turned into a nightmare, raising all sorts of uncomfortable issues for public scrutiny. Even worse, Alinsky's  favorite tool, ridicule, is being deployed to make points that inflict lasting damage on sacred cows of the left like affirmative action and the transcendent wisdom of Harvard Law School progressives. It is starting to damage the Democratic brand. You would have to search hard to find anyone who better embodies the liberals' you're-too-stupid-to-make-your-own-decisions  mentality than Elizabeth Warren. She was the brains behind the frighteningly powerful and unaccountable Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which soon will be arrogating to itself pretty much any power it wants to push around financial institutions, and which doesn't need to get Congress to approve its appropriations, so is immune from constituent anger over its...(Read Full Post)