Egyptian Elections: Confirming Loring's 1884 Assessment?

William Wing Loring (1818-1886) was a an American soldier, lawyer, and Florida state representative.  His career as a professional soldier included service in the armies of the United States, the Confederacy, and Egypt. Loring fought in the Mexican War, during which he received two brevets for valor -- one to lieutenant colonel and another to colonel.  A native Southerner, from Wilmington, North Carolina, Loring resigned from the U.S. Army on May 13, 1861 to fight with the Confederacy, telling his fellow officers, "The South is my home, and I am going to throw up my commission and shall join the Southern Army, and each of you can do as you think best." Following the Confederate defeat in the Civil War, Loring served for nine years in the army of Ismail Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt.  He thus joined some fifty Union and Confederate veterans who had been recommended to the Khedive by General William Tecumseh Sherman. The April 1884 Preface to Loring's memoir, A Confederate...(Read Full Post)