Donald Trump and birth certificate fraud

The Obama campaign, the liberal media and even some conservatives are trying to paint Donald Trump as some kind of conspiracy clown for claiming that Barack Obama's Hawaii birth certificate was falsified. The recent outburst was set off by the exposure that Obama's literary agent identified him as being born in Kenya. Trump parlayed that into more publicity, and the media in turn parlayed that into stories about Trump that enable them to ignore an undeniable literary fraud involving the former president of the Harvard Law Review. So much for HLR's standards for precision and accuracy, eh? Trump loves the attention and doesn't need anyone's help getting it, but his critics are slackers even if Trump is wrong. Trump's so-called "conspiracy" about birth certificate fraud is well grounded in American law that a five-minute Internet search would uncover. Birth certificate fraud, it turns out, occurs even when parents don't think their suckling infants might some day need to comply with the...(Read Full Post)