Does 'Gay Marriage' Equal 'Gay Rights'?

Though North Carolinians are clearly not on board, public opinion has grown favorable to gay marriage to the point that Obama has seen fit to jump in with both feet, announcing his unequivocal support. What courage! But how did we get here? The increased public support for gay marriage has been manufactured by a persistent propaganda campaign.  The most telling manipulative device in this effort has been the use of the phrase "gay rights" as to be interchangeable with "gay marriage." By controlling the terms, the advocates of gay marriage have positioned those opposed as being against "gay rights."  In fact, many of us who oppose gay marriage would not characterize ourselves as being against gay rights at all. 49 percent of Americans now favor gay marriage and 40 percent oppose it.  The other 11 percent are, perhaps, evolving? As the Wall Street Journal reports, this is basically a reversal of the statistics from 2009 when 49 percent were opposed and 41 percent favored...(Read Full Post)