Democrats who cheat on their taxes want us to pay more

Treasury Secretary  Tim Geithner did not pay the taxes he owed;  Charles Rangel (D-NY) who as chairman of Ways and Means wrote tax laws, has run afoul of tax authorities for years' worth of malfeasance; and the latest:  Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri -- a stalwart supporter of Barack Obama and one of the richest members of Congress.  Lest we forget, Tom Daschle, Obama's putative first choice for HHS Secretary had to drop out when it was disclosed that he also failed to pay taxes he owed. These are all members of the 1% Club. Meanwhile, the staff of the IRS is being boosted by thousands of new auditors to snoop on our taxes to make sure we pay our "fair share" and Democrats rail against the "rich" who don't pay their fair share of taxes. What is it with these people? Omri Ceren of Commentary: Only seven months after critical news stories about unpaid taxes on a private airplane, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill was late paying property taxes on her...(Read Full Post)