Crunching the North Carolina numbers

While some pundits are having fun with Obama losing 41% of the West Virginia Democrat primary vote to a convict, perhaps an even more troubling result for Obama can be found in Tuesday's North Carolina primary.  After all, once the national Democratic Party decided to wage a holy war on the coal industry, the once Democrat electoral college stalwart of West Virginia has gone Republican in presidential elections.  On the other hand, ever since Obama's narrow victory in the Tar Heel state in 2998 North Carolina has been considered a 2012 battleground state.   North Carolina is also a none of the above state.  Voters in the presidential primaries have the option of voting for an unspecified candidate of their party.   Although Obama was officially unopposed on the North Carolina Democrat ballot, on Tuesday 20.8% of Democrat voters in North Carolina selected the unspecified option. This is not a fluke result from a low turnout election.  A...(Read Full Post)