Chuck Colson: An American story of freedom

The life of Chuck Colson was celebrated beautifully on May 16 in a memorial service at Washington's National Cathedral. Colson's conversion to a man of unyielding faith, and his turning his life to Christ, is more than a great lesson of redemption. He was exemplary proof of the value of our freedoms. At the memorial service, the speakers commented one way or another about his fall from a position of great political power as special counsel to President Nixon. That fall was an instrumental part of the life and lesson of Chuck Colson. He walked among the weakest sinners after being among the most powerful ones. He changed lives after changing his own. I don't recall any news account I read about his death not referencing the low point of his career, his involvement in the Watergate break-in that resulted in his serving eight months in a federal prison. Of course, many in the liberal press emphasized the Watergate aspects of Colson's life story over the Christian deeds he did, including...(Read Full Post)