Chicago prepares for the worst at NATO summit

Rick Moran
The demonstrations against NATO in Chicago during their summit this weekend are going to be loud, tense, and probably violent. Reuters: The two-day summit is also drawing protesters from around the United States and beyond, most to protest peacefully against the NATO-led war in Afghanistan and economic inequality. Protest organizers hope thousands will turn out to demonstrate on Sunday and march to the summit site at a sprawling convention center along Lake Michigan. Police said they will be keeping a watchful eye out for anarchists bent on more provocative actions, and have ordered about $1 million worth of new riot gear, including face shields that attach to helmets and fit over gas masks. They have also ordered armor for police horses and acquired two long-range acoustic devices that can be used as "sound cannon" to disperse crowds. Critics say these devices can cause hearing damage. A police spokeswoman said they would be used to deliver messages to crowds. "What I...(Read Full Post)