Born Alive to a Dead World

Proponents of the culture of death have long reaped fruit from various forms of their "quality of life" verbiage.  From pleas for "safe" and "legal" abortions for mothers with "unwanted" pregnancies -- aka pregnancies impacting the mother's preferred quality of life -- to fights for legalized killing of the physically or mentally handicapped -- aka children who, if born, could not enjoy the preferred quality of life adults assume -- those who've spoken loudest for the culture of death have spoken in unity: our value is in our capacity, not our humanity.  These arguments are ethical and moral train-wrecks which, from time to time, are dragged out into the light by examples of inhumanity usually hidden behind closed (abortion clinic) doors. One more in a recent series of such examples arose last week in Vietnam, when an "aborted" baby girl was born alive and left to die beneath a covering of blankets. In Vietnam's Gia Lai Province, expectant mother Nguyen Thi Thu T. decided to...(Read Full Post)