Big Fur Hat gets his own site

One of the most talented members of the conservative blogosphere finally has his own website. Big Fur Hat, the irrepressible visual artist, writer, and phone interviewer, has established Already famous for his activities on, including BFH is free to take chances and skate closer to the edge on his own site, while maintaining cordial relations with iOTW, called the Mothership on the site. The site is debuting today a new episode of BFH's 99 second internet radio show, in which he interviews Lucianne Goldberg, of, a historic figure in the impeachment of Bill Clinton and a major figure in the development of the modern conservative movement. I was surprised and delighted at what quick and fascinating stories fit into the compact format. A quick glimpse into the remarkable life of Lucianne.   I expect to evolve, as a creative mind is unleashed.  This is one site worth watching.(Read Full Post)